Welcome to poetrySPARK online.



This is a selection of the best of the poetry submitted to be read at poetrySPARK in Raleigh, NC September 18 and 19, 2009. Look for a printed anthology soon from poetrySPARK sponsor Lulu.com.


Like the poetrySPARK readings at Raleigh's SPARKcon, these poems are organized in four chapters. We would like to particularly thank the poets headlining each chapter for their participation here and at the events themselves.


• Carolyn Beard Whitlow and David Bradsher in Formal/Metrical,
• Joanna Catherine Scott and David T. Manning in Narrative/Lyrical
• Alex Grant and Richard Krawiec in Humor Me
• Joseph Donahue and Thomas Lisk in Experimental.


We hope you will enjoy this poetry now online, almost as much as hundreds of people did after we opened to a packed house at Morning Times Saturday, September 19 with the music of Lizh and the four readings that followed. We also hope you’ll want the print version of this poetry collection when it is available soon, thanks to our poetrySPARK and SPARKcon sponsor Lulu.com.


SPARKcon is the premier potluck creative festival in Raleigh NC, and grew rapidly growing in its fourth year. poetrySPARK was proud, in putting together the best collection of poets in one series of readings in Raleigh in years, to be one of the thirteen Sparks for different arts enjoyed by thousands of people in downtown Raleigh 9/17-20, 2009. We already look forward to 2010!